Welcome to Physiotherapy Choices

Welcome to Physiotherapy Choices, an initiative of the Centre for Evidence-Based Physiotherapy (CEBP). Physiotherapy Choices is a database designed for use by consumers of physiotherapy services, including patients, their friends and families, health service managers, and insurers. The database provides a catalogue of the best research evidence of the effectiveness of physiotherapy interventions. Three sorts of research evidence are catalogued:

  • 1clinical trials (individual research studies of the effects of physiotherapy)
  • 2reviews (scientific compilations of the evidence from randomised controlled trials)
  • 3and guidelines (recommendations regarding physiotherapy, based wherever possible on randomised trials and systematic reviews.)

Physiotherapy Choices catalogues only the best quality trials (randomised controlled trials), reviews (systematic reviews), and guidelines (evidence-based clinical practice guidelines). Trials, reviews and guidelines are usually published in scientific journals using medical terminology. However some are summarised in plain English for consumers. Physiotherapy Choices catalogues trials, reviews and guidelines with plain English summaries.

If you would prefer to read technical reports, rather than consumer summaries in plain English, you should visit PEDro (the acronym for the Physiotherapy Evidence Database) by clicking on the link in the navigation menu on the left side of the screen. You can search Physiotherapy Choices database by clicking on the Search button above.